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Property Team Annual Report, May 2023

Ken Appelt and John Ivy (Co-chairs), Eleanor Ford, Molly Ward, Ivy Chatwin, and Rev. Kiya Heartwood

Property Team Responsibilities. The Property Team has the primary task of overseeing the maintenance and repair of the physical plant and grounds of our church. During the past church fiscal year, with our new church building under construction, the actual responsibilities of the Property Team were minimal.

Wellborn Rd. Property. We still have title to some land at 305 Wellborn Rd., corresponding approximately to the playground and the land behind and under the former Jefferson building, kitchen, breezeway, and minister’s office. This land is used to generate donations to our ministry through football parking, managed by Bob Presley. Our title to this land and football parking activities requires that we maintain the grounds for appearance, health, and safety. Bob also has organized and led crews to manage the weeds and clean up trash, and prior to football season, Bob removed one dead and one dying tree.

E. 29th Street Property, Bryan. The new church building has been under construction this fiscal year. Members of the property team have been active on the Sacred Space Team as we continue to meet monthly with the architect and construction managers. The construction company hired a crew that cut down grasses when they grew tall, and Ken Appelt cut back shrubs when they grew into the cleared space between the church and Cubby Hole Storage.

Our Philosophy. We all are the church, and the Property Team asks that everyone serve as stewards of our property. We thank all who have lent a hand in past years to our work parties and efforts. When we are in our new building, we will ask members to bring to the Team’s attention any maintenance or safety concerns they notice so that they may be addressed.

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