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Property Progress News from the Sacred Space Team

On November 4, 2021, on the date of our scheduled monthly “walk the site”

time Molly Hagan-Ward (our BOT liaison), Kathy Wheeler, Ken Appelt, & John Ivy

met at Brian Gibbs’ office with Charles Vernon, Paul Hawryluk, & Brian Gibbs.

The weather was cold and drizzling and the site was muddy from recent rain, so

we did not meet on the construction site.

Brian is our architect; among his contractual obligations are to verify the

construction bills of and to verify the construction is consistent with the

architectural plans.

Charles Vernon is the onsite Construction Manager.

Paul Hawryluk is the Keys & Walsh Project Manager.

Points of Interest:

1) Charles Vernon contacted Terminix’s owner about a water leak from the

Terminix property. The owner agreed to cut off the leaking water at the area

where their vehicles are washed unless they are washing vehicles.

The owner is applying to the parent company to have permission to have a

plumber resolve the problem. (The water is still leaking as of the weekend of

Nov. 13-14.) Charles has been contacted about the ongoing problem. He is having

our sub-contractor plumber look at the leak as of today 11.15.2021.

2) We will also need a French drain to relocate rainwater runoff towards

the back of the lot and help prevent the asphalt from damage by excessive water

drainage. This is the realm of the landscaper. We will be working with the

landscaper when we are further along in the project.

3) The cement in the piers was not quite dry so the slab pouring is to be

delayed until the piers are dried out.

4) The first monthly bill from Keys & Walsh was inspected by Brian. One small

item on the bill was discussed and later resolved. Payment was delivered.

5) Charles Vernon talked about the property being readied for BTU to install

electric power to the site. There was a hiccup in the contract BTU sent to the


6) The SST chair (Kathy Wheeler) received the BTU contract. Not being an

attorney, she asked Joyce Langenegger to review the document. Joyce

interpreted the document as saying the entire property could be used as an

easement with no recourse for us. She recommended our church attorney review

and edit it. Our attorney Cully Lipsey did so and put in the proper edits to limit the

easements of BTU to the areas near the power poles and wires rather than the

entire property. The BTU attorneys approved Cully’s changes.

7) In order to expedite allowing BTU to furnish electricity to the site (which the

contractors needed), the timing worked to get the revised contract signed,

notarized and delivered to BTU quickly.

8) The SST has a subcommittee that is working on our order of Sanctuary chairs.

Update from Ken Appelt:

A) The riser for the fire sprinklers is installed.

B) The plumber is installing the water line into the building.

C) The concrete crew is set to come 11/16/2021 to start digging the beams.

D) We are set to pour concrete on Nov. 29th.

Questions on Future Project/Purchases for the Church

We at the SST are focused mainly on the construction issues of our future building. I am keeping a file of suggestions for near or after the end of the project. Keep in mind we have in storage many items we can use in our new church building. Depending where we are financially at the end of the construction phase defined by our contract, there may or may not be funds left over for other great projects. UU’s are resourceful, so I am sure we can prioritize our needs and wants and fund raise for specific desires IF needed.

-Kathy Wheeler, Chair of SST, UUCBV

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