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Property Progress from the Sacred Space Team

The wood framing is well underway at our new church property! The building is taking shape! The interior finish work, including doors, glass, the fire sprinkler systems, and many other items, comes next and will take several months to complete.

We have had bids on upgrades to 1) the Children’s RE rooms which has some designated funding; 2) adding back the movable wall between the Sanctuary and the Chapel; and 3) necessary upgrades to the original dumpster enclosure plans. We are waiting for an updated itemization of the contractor’s submitted bids on these three items. Due to generous donations, we find we can reverse a few of our Value Engineering Cuts in areas where changing plans now is more financially responsible than building and then removing a wall or not finishing out the RE rooms.

We hope to continue the Walk the Property events. We had a low turn-out at the last property walk. Many were out-of-town or had other things to do. Thanks, Ken, for taking over on that Saturday when I was home with a mild case of Covid. (Thank goodness for vaccinations!)

-Kathy Wheeler, Chair, Sacred Space Team

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