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Property Progress from 2.18.2022


I wanted to reach out to you and give you a schedule update. As you know the weather the last 3 weeks has been challenging when trying to maintain schedule. As discussed previously, we got power to the site allowing us to start moving on the building. We are working on the following areas of the project:

  1. Underground pathways for irrigation has been completed

  2. Parking lighting bases and pathways are currently schedule and in progress.

  3. Site parking gravel base in the next week

  4. Steel will be on site Monday

  5. Foundation concrete polishing was conducted this week in anticipation of setting steel. We could not polish sooner due to the erratic weather temps and rain.

  6. Following steel will be framing

  7. Following framing will be building exterior sheathing

We are on schedule as per our last meeting. We can only move as fast as the material is available which is why it is slower that we are all used to. We considered the slower delivery when scheduling the project, I will provide a more detailed schedule at our next meeting. Thanks, and have a great weekend.

Paul Hawryluk, PE

Keys & Walsh Construction, L.P."

From Kathy Wheeler, Sacred Space Chair-

I encourage members and friends to sign up on Evite for the next “Walk the Property” Feb 26 at 10:00 am for questions and answers.

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