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Property Progress

Report From SST 10.27.2022

Progress report:

Our Church building is to be roofed shortly. The skylight in the Sanctuary will covered until it can be installed. After the church building is dried in, progress in finishing out the interior can go more rapidly. Our (the SST’s) primary focus is on finishing the building.

The asphalt will be put over another layer of crushed rock after no more heavy trucks will be going on the property for construction.

Timing will depend on the availability of work crews and supplies. Keys & Walsh has ordered necessary materials in advance to help with supply side problems. The latest estimate for the building to be occupied is February, 2023. The SST appreciates and agrees with K&W adherence to the policy of doing a great job v. lightning speed to finish. We all want the project to be completed in a reasonable time!

The BOT and the SST had a ZOOM meeting with Brian Gibbs 10.25.2022. After a discussion about the building being dried in in the near future, Brian has asked K&W for a Gannt Chart (project schedule). This is to help the UUCBV schedule their leased space and to schedule a date for the grand opening celebration.

I believe the finished project will be great! -Kathy Wheeler, Chair, SST

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