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President's Column

Congratulations to Pastor Kiya. On January 11, 2022, the BOT voted unanimously to extend Pastor Kiya’s ministerial contract until July 31, 2023. More to come!

The BOT is in the midst of goal setting for the rest of the year. Top priorities include:

I. The Stewardship Drive

II. Fundraising with a FUNdraiser

III. Completing the Building Project

IV. Focusing on the church mission - We create just and loving community - in everything we do

V. Charging committees with missionary work.

VI. Completing the church annual audit

VII. Updating BOT position descriptions, since this year we have made several changes in the duties of board members to make board activities more efficient.

VIII. Refreshing our organizational chart.

IX. Improving website presence and utility

X. Developing a Legacy Giving Policy to sustain long-term financial stability for the UUCBV

XI. Complete everything we have started.

One thing I feel we need is to develop the position of parliamentarian on the BOT. The BOT needs to be intentional in what it does and always adhere to the UUCBV By-Laws and Robert’s Rules of Order. Recently, we’ve been slipping in this area. This will become more and more important as we continue to grow.

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