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President's Column

The New Fiscal Year is just about here, and it’s time for the Board to prepare for it. I hope everyone enjoyed the Cottage Dinners and Pizza Party sponsored by church members. Now that they have been completed, the Stewardship Committee will collect all the pledges and inform the Board about the funds pledged for the new fiscal year. The Finance Committee will then develop a budget for the upcoming year and present it to the BOT. The BOT will adopt a budget and present it at our Board Town Hall Meeting on May 22, 2022. That is when the voting members will vote on the budget.

The other task the Board has this month is to nominate church members for the Jessie Coon Award. This is an award given to church members who have gone above and beyond in demonstrating positive behaviors and values working towards the UUCBV mission and vision. If you would like to suggest a nominee, who cannot be a Board member, please let anyone on the Board know (ASAP!).

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