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President's Column

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

My friends, it’s decision time! After many months of searching, the Sacred Space Team has selected a property for us and the UUCBV Board has put us under contract. Now we are in the due diligence phase, with 90 days to make sure everything is in order, the property meets our expectations and requirements, and the members of the congregation vote to approve the purchase. The 90 days are up April 12th, so we will be calling a special congregational meeting before then. We will have several meetings for discussion, Q&A, and vision sharing during this 90-day period.

Thanks to our hard-working Sacred Space Team, led by Kathy Wheeler. Members of this team are Ken Appelt, Sue Bloomfield, John Faber, Eleanor Ford, John Ivy, Joyce Langenegger, Rob McGeachin, Jerry Wagnon, Molly Ward, and Rev. Donna ex officio. Our own Mary Lind Bryan, member and Realtor, has devoted countless hours to this endeavor. Note that four of the Sacred Space Team members are also Board members. As such, they are tremendous resources, having participated in both the search and the decision-making up to this point. They will be spearheading the activities for the congregational approval process.

As I consider this momentous step for UUCBV, I can’t help but reflect on the handful of founding members who took the first step of buying the church property on Wellborn Road. The story often repeated is of the meeting in which the discussion and decision to buy the property was followed by passing the hat to raise the money needed. After the first pass, not enough was pledged, so more was asked and a second or third round of pledges was successful. They were bold and committed. Their legacy has positioned us extremely well as we follow in their footsteps and commit to what we hope is home for the next 60 years.

I became a part of this church 37 ½ years ago. Although I missed the first 25 years of the history, I’m proud to have been a part of some big decisions along the way – the first call of a full-time minister; changing from Fellowship to Church; selling the 305 Wellborn Rd. property. And smaller benchmarks that were no less passionately deliberated—changing the time of the service; buying new chairs; doing away with talk-back after the sermon; holding services in the summer; passing the first deficit budget. When I think back on these decision points, I recall the earnestness, the trust, patience, passion and the respect given and received as opinions, feelings, emotions and facts were shared. I am thrilled to be a part of this big decision facing us now. I am looking forward to our discussions and deliberations, and trust each of you as shapers of our future.


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