Parade of Presidents

Some of the responsibilities of our Board President have been:

· Provides leadership with the Board to ensure fiduciary stability of the congregation, which include fiscal, tangible assets, and human resources

· Provides leadership in setting directions and goals for the Board

· Plans the agendas for monthly Board and congregational meetings, in collaboration with the Board

· Presides at all Church and Board of Trustees meetings

· Mentors President-Elect to assume duties of President during second year of term (and in absence of the President)

· Supervises staff when in the absence of a Minister

· Encourages and assists Board members in meeting their responsibilities

· Communicates regularly with the Minister to work collaboratively in the leadership of the congregation

· Signs official correspondence on behalf of the Board of Trustees

· Communicates frequently with the congregation via monthly newsletters and annual report, and at the other times and by other methods as needed, with assistance of Secretary

· Abides by the Board and church covenants

· Participates in annual internal financial audit

· Performs all other duties that usually pertain to the office of President and such other duties as may be delegated by members

Let us celebrate a parade of presidents and all they have done and will do for UUCBV. There are a couple names missing from the 1980s and 1990s. If you know of others, please email to have them included.

Thank you to all who have, who wish to and who will lead UUCBV.


Richard Tarble

Guy Franceschini

Allen Schrader

Hugh McLellan


Guy Franceschini

Roberta Inglis

Hans van Buijtenen

Ed Reyna

Henry Rakoff

Guy Franceschini

Earl Vezey

John Pearson

Paul Fryxell

Willis Pequegnat


Clint Phillips

Hans van Buijtenen

Linda Pequegnat

Davis Fahlquist

Dick Fairley

Ann Bury

Bill Plapp

Nan El-Sayed

Doug Veitch

Judy Phillips


Shirley Plapp

Jerry Gibson

Greta Fryxell

Carl Erdman

Don Allen

Gary Hart

Martha Scott

David Altman

Bob Presley


Nancy Granovsky

Virginia McDermott


Katie Womack

Jim Ammerman

Anthony David

Nancy White

Clint Phillips

Gordon D. Carrie


Robert Carter

Ken Appelt

Trish Ponder

Anita van Ouwerkerk

Katie Womack

Linda Causey

Mary Ellen Pate

John Ivy

Rob McGeachin

Harriet Smith


Sue Bloomfield

Carolyn Clark

Gaye Webb x2

Kathy Wheeler

Molly Ward

Joyce Langenegger

Katie Womack

Jerry Wagnon

Gaye Webb

Photo by Nicolas Tissot on Unsplash

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