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Our New Church Home

Report from the Sacred Space Team 5.24.2022

The wood framing has begun at our new church property! This should take approximately 3-4 weeks. The interior finish work, including doors, glass, the fire sprinkler systems, and many other items, comes next and will take longer to complete. Another essential task is to finish installation of the waste water plumbing line to the city sewer system at the back of the lot. Our latest completion date estimate from our professionals is still Fall, 2022. Please remember that construction professionals currently have challenges with supply chain delays. Keys & Walsh has been ordering and purchasing supplies far in advance to help alleviate these problems.

We are hoping to restore some of our Value Engineering cuts. The Sacred Space Team (SST) priorities are 1) the Children’s RE rooms which has some designated funding and 2) the movable wall between the Sanctuary and the Chapel. An in-person meeting is scheduled for Friday May 24, 2022 to receive bids from Keys and Walsh to add back in some of the Value Engineering cuts for these two areas. The bids will be made available to the rest of the SST and the Board of Trustees (BOT) soon. The children’s playground, which requires no significant change in the revisions we made due to Value Engineering, is another area of interest. We are blessed with the generosity of our donors which is making these upgrades a possibility. We hope the BOT agrees with our priorities.

The “Walk the Property” event previously scheduled May 21, 2022 at 10 am was postponed due to Paul and Brian being unable to attend. Our next “Walk the Property” event at the1719 E 29th St property will be Saturday June 11 at 10 am.

-Kathy Wheeler, Chair, SST

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