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Brian Gibbs, Kenn Walsh, & Veronica Morgan have been working to get our new Church plans revised into detailed construction plans. Brian suggested their work should be fleshed out in mid-January. It involves getting numerous bids, refining detailed planning, redoing drawings/contacting engineers used earlier in the project, and coordinating with all necessary aspects of the project. Once this is done, we will have to work with our attorney to make sure we are protected by the contract.

At our most recent SST meeting, we discussed how many chairs to order and how to fit them out. We will specify fabric colors and wood stains when we have a better idea of final colors for the Church interior. After a long discussion we came to consensus that we had enough chairs in storage to use in the offices and the Chapel (even if the Chapel were not finished out completely). We can order chairs later once we have a finished-out chapel. We also have chairs in storage that can be used in the office area.

We decided to check the municipal code covering the seating in the Church Sanctuary before ordering the chairs. The municipal code requires that IF the Sanctuary has 200+ chairs they have to be attached to each other or bolted to the floor. Our seating will fall below this threshold. The chairs will have interlocks to keep the rows straight and neat looking; unhooking the chairs is a breeze.

Joyce moved & John Ivy seconded a motion that we order:

116 chairs

22 of the 116 with arm rests

116 with interlocks

116 with bookracks

116 with no-skip floor guides

The vote was 7 for& 0 against.

The order totals: $22,268.88; the 30% down payment is $6,680.06 (yes, I know this is not exactly 30%; this is the company’s math).

The chairs must be received in 2021 to avoid additional costs. I have told the chair company that Aug 1, 2021 is the earliest date we want to receive the chairs. We can easily delay the date to later in 2021 if need be.

After our last SST meeting I talked to Brian Gibbs. He indicated that the Church might be finished within 6-7 months after ground-breaking IF the weather held up & there were no unanticipated delays. He also said it appears that: the Chapel will be finished out & the planned Chapel bathroom will be a closet for the time being. Plumbing will be in place for all unfinished areas. We will be able to complete a bathroom installation in the future if we so desire. The southeast classroom would be unfinished. The front two classrooms will be one big classroom for now. A dividing wall can be easily installed to separate the two front classrooms when we need to do so.

We know we cannot have everything we hoped for all at once for our new Church home. We are planning for the present and the future!

-Kathy Wheeler, Chair, SST

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