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Our Banner with leaves

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Dear Jon:

Yes, Mother made that banner. It was the second one she made as a gift for us. The first was was larger, and she found a quote by a Unitarian (from 1964, she thinks) in one of our publications, liked, and put on it. (Do you still have it?) Then we needed a banner to take to a meeting, where banners from each society was going to be marched around and then put on display. So they needed to be one particular size, and the one she had already made did not fit.

She was looking for a theme for this second banner, and I suggested the Shumard oaks out front of the Fellowship. I think Paul helped design the challice. Ron and Mary Bryan planted those trees when the kids were small. Mary liked those because

the one oak tree we have around here that can turn pretty colors in the fall. I brought some leaves home from those two trees, and mother used them as patterns for the banner. Somehow the colors mean the four seasons to her.

When those trees were planted, we had an "Each one, plant one!" project in which each family studied the landscaping plans drawn up by a committee (Dorie Franceschini was great on that kind of thing) and chose what they would like to contribute. I probably mentioned this before. Then the trick was to keep things alive over the next summer! It was a nice project, people felt real ownership, and it really spruced up the landscaping. (I think, however, Ron, at least, sort of forgot that those were THEIR trees! They really have grown.)

---Greta Fryxell

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