One Last Call To Get Out The Climate Vote



One Last Call To Get Out The Climate Vote

Dear MSJE & Friends, You are probably tired of talking about the election - but just one more announcement for those who would like to help with the issue of taking care of Mother Earth.     Citizens' Climate Lobby (CCL) (is offering 

One Last Call To Get Out  The Climate Vote With Environmental Voter Project! You will only be calling people who have not yet voted and who have leanings towards protecting the environment. At this point, since it is so close to Election Day, most groups recommend leaving a message such as "Hi, my name is XXXX and I am calling for the Environmental Voting Project. If you have not voted, please do vote, and when you vote, please vote for candidates who will protect our earth, .... or support our environment, .... or decrease pollution, ..... or will decrease plastic waste, ...." It's pretty easy. Everyone that I have talked to was very nice, and was thankful for the suggestions on who to vote for.

From President of CCL:

As we head into the home stretch for the 2020 election, CCL volunteers have

pitched in with Environmental Voter Project to ensure that people who care

about climate change are heard at the polls. Last week, we released a video

featuring some of our volunteers who’ve stepped up in this effort.

“I work with EVP because I know politicians are most responsive to voters that

vote,” said Jeff Joslin, co-leader of the North Atlanta CCL chapter. As

EVP points out, members of Congress know which of their constituents actually

vote. It’s public record.

Between Oct. 30 and election day, EVP will make a final get-out-the-vote push,

and they’re looking for volunteers to sign up for phonebank shifts. Can you call

potential climate voters in these final days?


Remember, if you do make calls, please let me know how many attempts you made so that I can report the numbers to the First UU in Houston. So, far I have not had anyone report calling or texting, while the other churches have very high numbers.   But that's ok.

We did a wonderful job with the postcards for Early Voting

& for Get Out The Climate Vote. I hope everyone is doing well and not going crazy about the elections. It will all pass. Pam Johnson

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