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Nonviolence in November

I take Liam and Reid to kid’s yoga twice a month. It is one of our favorite activities to do together. Lo and behold, last week during class, we learned about “ahimsa,” or the Sanskrit word for “non-injury.” Gandhi, in addition to other wise people, spoke often of the importance of ahimsa. Nonviolence also happens to be the theme of the November RE Newsletter, The Spark. Um…the universe may be trying to tell me something here. But hey, who couldn’t use a little reminder of intentional peace during this busy time of year? Join me in November as we explore nonviolence in our RE CartUUns class, youth group meet-up, and at All Ages RE hangouts each Sunday morning at 10 AM.

Upcoming Events:

November 7; 2:30 PM; Veteran’s Park

CROP Walk: Join the Ministry for Social Justice and the Earth. Stretch your legs while raising awareness and money for food insecurity.

November 10; 5 PM; Stephen Beachy Central Park

CartUUns: “Lou” (Nonviolence)

Craft: Kindness Rocks

November 19; 5:30 PM; Villa West Park

Youth Group Meet Up: Mini Smores and Pizza

Villa Maria West Park RSVP for Pizza/Smores supplies

November 21; 12 PM; Zoom

Update for the UUWF

If you are interested about RE plans in the future (or want to get involved), join Allison for a presentation at the UUWF’s November meeting.

All Ages RE Hangout: Each Sunday at 10 AM

November 7: CROP Walk Talk: Learning about food insecurity in the Brazos Valley and celebrating our UUCBV Walkers!

November 14: Adult Focus Question on nonviolence; Kids Church: Celebrating Universal Children’s Day

November 21: Climate Detectives: What can you tell from a tree’s rings?

November 28: Gratitude Attitude: How does gratitude affect our well-being? What are you thankful for?

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