News from the UUWF by Deb Wilson, President

Our “end of year” pot luck was held at the Villas of Rock Prairie on June 30th. We welcome our new President, Katie Womack; returning Treasurer, Kathy Wheeler, and new Program Chair, Maya Lazarus. We say good bye to Deb Wilson who has been president for the past 4 years. Deb will remain an active member of the UUWF, an organization that has forged many friendships and delightful memories for her.

The UUWF will host a “Welcome Back” reception for the congregation on Sunday, August 18th, in the first floor multi-purpose room during coffee hour. For those of us whose summer travels have caused us to miss a Sunday or two, this is a great way to reconnect.

Maya has new and refreshing ideas for the UUWF in the coming year. She hopes the UUWF will partnership with the Social Justice and the Earth Committee and the Board of Trustees in upcoming projects.

See you all on August 18th.


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Rev. Donna Renfro began serving UUCBV in September 2018, with an extensive background in directing religious education and a passion for equality, Rev. Donna is a calming and inspiring presence for people of all walks of life.


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