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News from the UUWF

The UUWF program year kicked off in September with a planning meeting. We have decided to continue meeting this year on Zoom on the third Sunday of each month at 12:30pm. Meetings are open to all, and the link can be found on the UUCBV website calendar. We were privileged to hear from Kayla Duncan, Director of Communications and Outreach, who gave an overview presentation on the Sexual Assault Resource Center of the Brazos Valley at the October meeting.

Once again, this year the UUWF surpassed our goal of raising $500 to match the chapter’s contribution to Habitat for Humanity’s Circle of Women, which is a program of women coming together to support other women to finance and build homes in our area. Since its inception, Circle of Women has built homes for at least 15 families in our community.

November Program: Guest Speaker Antoinette Scully, from the national office of UUWF!

The UUCBV chapter of UUWF was formed over 30 years ago. But do you know what UUWF is? On November 20th our guest speaker is National UUWF organizer Antoinette Scully. Antoinette will share what the current focus of UUWF is and how we can be a part of it. She also wants to get to know us and learn about our chapter. If you are new this is an excellent opportunity to learn all about UUWF locally and nationally. If you are a legacy member, please come and share our chapter’s legacy story. Everyone is invited!

Katie Womack, UUWF President

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