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News from the UUWF

UUWF at UUCBV took a little break in July. But in June we had two meetings. We joined the women’s group of the UU Fellowship of Waco at their weekly meeting online on June 3rd, and had an opportunity to get acquainted with these interesting UU women and their organization.

The UUWF had an in-person program meeting June 27th at the home of Teri Metcalf. The potluck lunch featured Teri’s fermented dishes to sample. In Teri’s program presentation, she shared her experience with fermenting foods. Her enthusiasm for fermentation and its benefits were contagious. In the following weeks, recipes and successful fermenting attempts were shared. It was wonderful to be in each other’s company again and we appreciate Teri hosting and sharing!

We will meet in August back on Zoom, so all can be included. At this time, plans are underway for the service on the UUWF meeting date (August 15) to be in person at the African American Museum. We will start the UUWF meeting at 12:30pm to allow those who attend the service in person to return home for the online meeting. The August meeting will be a discussion of the Camp Allen retreat scheduled for October!

Katie Womack

Harriet Smith


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