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News from the UUWF

By Katie Womack, President and Nancy Granovsky, Program Chair

February 26-27 is the annual Southwest UU Women’s Conference. This year the conference will be virtual and several UUCBV women will attend. The March UUWF program meeting will feature highlights from the conference. Those who attended will share their experience at the meeting on March 21 at noon. UUA President Rev. Dr. Susan Frederick-Gray will deliver a welcome address at the conference, which will also be presented at the UUWF March meeting. Reverend Frederick-Gray’s message focuses on the events of the past year and how UU’s, and especially UU women, have played an “outsized role.” Reverend Frederick-Gray tells how women leadership “this past year has been vitally important and life-saving”. We are delighted to share this inspirational message with you. Everyone is welcome – March 21, noon on zoom.

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