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News from the Treasurer by Deb Wilson

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Are you hosting an event at UUCBV that needs to pay a speaker or sponsor? Well, there is now a form for that. The information gathered on this form will allow the Treasurer and Bookkeeper to know:

1. Who needs to be paid

2. How much

3. Where to send the check

4. What is the purpose

5. Where the charges should be posted

The congregant who is hosting the speaker or sponsor should complete the form and return it to the Treasurer/Bookkeeper mail box in the church office. Or you can email it to

We hope this form will expedite the payment process.

Financial Forms are now available on the UUCBV website. Look for the tab "Financial Forms" to access the following:

1. Reimbursement Form

2. Request for Payment Form

3. Form W-9

4. Tax Exempt Form

5. Debit Card Disbursement Form

Please return the forms to the Treasurer/Bookkeeper mail box in the church office or email the completed form to

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