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MSJE - UU THE VOTE - TXUUJM - Center for Common Good - Reclaim Our Vote

It's voter postcard time for the UUCBV! We sent out more than 2000 postcards to "environmentally friendly" voters two years ago. Let's break the record!

This year, Lauren Dewey Furhman started the movement. Thank you, Lauren! She has already completed 500 cards and is ordering more for us.

  • We will use Reclaim Our Vote postcards with a mailing list from the Center for Common Ground, through UU the Vote,

  • The Center for Common Ground is a non-partisan, people of color-led voting rights organization. Its mission is to empower underrepresented voters to participate fully in our elections.

  • In Texas, we are postcarding to 717K infrequent Black voters.

  • Early voting: October 24 - November 4

  • Mail postcards: DO NOT MAIL UNTIL October 17 - 25.

  • Use Reclaim Our Vote cards only.

  • For more information, please see Also, please watch this short video:

  • Please let Lauren know how many cards you can complete by Oct. 17 - 25.

  • Email Lauren at or

  • Text or call her at 404-358-6857.

  • Lauren will make a packet, especially for you, and discuss pick-up arrangements at her house or church.

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