Ministry For Social Justice & the Environment

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

The MSJE continues to make an impact on our community. See below our most recent and ongoing projects that you can join.

I. Annual Hope's Locker "Keep Their Bottoms Warm" Fundraiser through DEC. 2020.

For those who don't know, Hopes Locker distributes gently used clothing, new school supplies, and non-perishable food to the children of the BISD that are deemed homeless. They often receive clothing donations from the community but seem to always run out of new underwear and socks since these items cannot be re-used. Adult Large & X-Large sizes are especially needed. That is why we are asking for donations. Take advantage of online Black Friday sales. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will not be having a formal collection but ask that you order your items on-line and have them sent directly to: Project Hope, 1901 E Villa Maria Bryan TX 77802, Attn: Tara Dupper. You are also welcome to drop off items - contact Pam Johnson -


Attention Boys & Men:

Hope's Locker is in particular need of gently used boys and men clothing.

Men, please consider buying yourself a new Spring wardrobe

- you all need new clothes -

and donate your gently used outfits to Hope's Locker.

II. Family Promise (FP) Update:

For those of you who are not aware, FP is a shelter for homeless children and their families. Most families stay 2-3 months as they work their way towards a new home and better employment. Over the past 3-4 years, we have committed to providing warm dinners, daily food, and an overnight host on a rotating quarterly schedule.

FP is now open for business, after having its overnight program closed due to Covid-19 restrictions. They are now ready to accept families to social distance, but not for children to attend school online without parental supervision. Any and all ideas are welcomed as they could get the call for a family in need any day now. The standby rotation schedule lists Brazos UU - Dec. 13th - Dec. 20th, 2020 as they work towards hosting a family again.

III. Crop Hunger Walk:

Thanks to Alice Scott for organizing the Annual Crop Hunger Walk. Several church members enjoyed a beautiful day and joined RE in the walk at Veteran's Stadium in CS. The Brazos UU did exceptionally well in its final monetary collection.

IV. Texas Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry (TXUUJM):

The TX Legislative Session Begins January 12, 2021.

And TXUUJM Is Ready

You Are Welcome To Participate With Trips To The Capitol.

TXUUJM Advisory Council will be meeting in January and then more frequently in February 2021 to discuss legislative issues and actions. TXUUJM represents 30 UU congregations and over 1500 people.

Top issues for TXUUJM -

1. Racial Justice

2. Environmental Justice

3. Healthcare Access

4. Economic Justice

5. Voting Rights

Any other issues that go against UU Values will be watched carefully and acted upon, if necessary. Two issues included in last year’s list, LGBTQ Rights and Reproductive Rights, were not voted on the list this year but are issues that are very important to watch.

V. The E in MSJE Stands for Environment:

MSJE is looking for 2-3 people to lead the environmental aspects of MSJE. Potential things a Brazos UU Environment Group could could do includes: 1. Educate yourself and write blogs for the Brazos UU website 2. Manage and/or contribute to The Green Tip of the Week. 3. Develop environmentally related RE programs 4. Organize local political action plans for Brazos UU members 5. Develop a Sunday service concentrating on the environment 6. Join CCL 7. Help the Brazos UU become an Environmental Green Sanctuary 8. Develop a community garden at our new site - The BV Food Bank would be able to help with this. 9. Establish a recycling program for our new church 10. Get the Brazos UU involved in local, national and international movements 11. Anything fun you want to do dealing with the environment

VI. Confronting Our Racism: A Community Conversation Proposal

Select members of the MSJE are working with the Wayne Sadberry, Curator of the Brazos Valley African American Museum (BVAAM), and their Board of Trustees to develop a community-wide reading and film program that will open up conversations about racism in our community. Both parties are extremely excited about the program, so Stay Tuned!