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Minister's Column

The theme of Sabbath is so timely. The church theme service we use, called Touchstones, has been amazingly, eerily, spot on for most months of this year for where this congregation is and what is good to explore further. The Covid 19 pandemic is forcing us to slow down, to reassess what is most important in our lives. Yes, many of us are working from home, and it is still a different rhythm, when we are not leaving our homes to go to work. And yes, there are many of us still working who do not have the privilege of working from home. We honor those who are risking their lives to serve the needs of others, whether it is health care, food service, or other essential services.

Sabbath requires us to slow down, to rest, to do things differently, to reflect on what is most important in our lives. What brings us relief and inspiration? What are the needs of the church now? What is it that we’ve been holding inside, that we can now take deep breaths and let our dreams and aspirations come forth? How do we connect with others in meaningful ways? How do we balance work and rest in these unusual times?

The month of May in the lives of some Unitarian Universalist congregations and ministers is generally not a time of rest. It is often the time when final decisions are being made of which ministers will serve which churches. Some ‘matches’ were already made in April - these are mostly for called ministers, where a majority of the whole congregation has decided they will enter into a very special relationship with a settled minister. Settled ministers have no time limit for when they will leave the congregation that has called them. The first part of May is when the Interim, Contract, and Developmental ministers begin the interviewing process, with most matches made by the end of May. Sometimes this goes on into June.

This process can also bring a time of unrestfulness, when first choices between ministers and congregations may not match. And uncertainty even when there are good matches, when moving to a different part of the state or country is bringing up concerns for ministers and their families for their health and safety. Some are choosing not to move while we cannot or at least should not be meeting in person, for the unforeseeable future. Many of my colleagues believe we will not go back to physically in person church until the fall of 2021.

There are bright spots still in this time for this church. For the first time in years there is a Worship Committee, and the first worship service they created was a breath of fresh air. Timely too, that they can provide worship services while we are sheltering in place. It was good to see so many congregants contributing. I would love to have congregants write personal reflections on the themes coming up. This month is Sabbath, June is Good and Evil, July is Harmony, August is Creation. At the annual meeting on May 17, there are people newer to the church who will be voted into leadership, bringing fresh ideas. At the meeting you will be able to see near final designs for the new building. Groundbreaking will happen in late July, and though we cannot have the big celebration we hoped for, we will still honor this next big step for UUCBV. Occupancy of the building should happen in July 2021, which is the best guess of when we will go back to physical in person church.The current Board of Trustees is starting decision making about how to maximize the time and finances until you occupy the new building. Your staff continues to do good work in new ways, and John Faber has been able to get us to the place of having a true digital community. Enjoy seeing each other in these new ways - See you in church! Take good care of yourselves and your families, and be in touch if there are pastoral concerns where I or the Pastoral Care Team can help.

Tell the world I'll survive

Tell the world I'm alive

I want you to know

All is blacked out but continues to grow

I need you to see

Nothing can change unless you believe

I won't let it go

I'll stick to the plan

Now we're deep in the throws

I won't let it go

I'll fight til the end

And then you will know

Who will save you now

Tell the world I'll survive

Who will save you now

Alone with this vision

Alone with this sound

Alone in my dreams

I carry around

I will not take from you and you will not owe

I will protect you from the fire below

It's not in my mind

It's here at my side

Go tell the world that I am alive

Alone with this vision

Alone and blind

Go tell the world i'm still alive

Who will save you now

Who will save you now

Tell the world I'll survive

Who will save you now

Who will save you now

Tell the world I'm alive

I will not take from you and you will not owe

I will protect you from the fire below

Alone with this vision

Alone and blind

Go tell the world I'm alive.

Some of us are born

And then some of us are born again

Some of us are scared to death

And some just don't believe in it

Something's always wrong

There's a line

An idea i cant get behind

No one knows whats right

Some try

Some just try to find a king

They say

Who will save us now

It's our life

But we don't want to live it

We want to be told how

By something or someone

Who's better than us

Who we know we can trust

Who will always protect us

Keep us scared to death

So we never ask questions

We'll dictate the consequences of our actions

And give us peace of mind about our miserable lives

Find it content all we want is a place we can hide

We can hide

Someone always fought

You can rest assured

It's the young and the poor who fought all out wars

Led to death by men who they chose

And hoped would protect them

Who will save us now

It's our life but we don't want to live it

And all you'll get is down

Cause the people you elect to protect your best interests

Will just protect themselves and all their investments

And even the few with the best of intentions

Will just push their views on what they think is right for you

And everyone else, you can't think for yourself

Cause you've chosen to let someone else do it for you

So we're left to drift between our waking life and all our dreams,

Reality is relative,

And that's all the advice I'll give.

And that's all the advice I'll give

Life and death are hard

They're such strange and complicated issues

So listen listen well

For insight

And no one knows what's right for you

Who will save us now

It's a wrong

And irrelevant question

We figure it out

With the people who love us

Who call us our brothers

Through lessons we've learned

From our fathers and mothers

Now looking for someone to find our solutions

To fight all our battles

Or show us what truth is

By working hard to find our own piece of mind

Living and learning till we know what's right for our lives our lives

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