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Lunchtime Environmental Talk tomorrow

For Those Who Want to Discuss Climate Change ...

You are invited to attend


This Wednesday, March 10th

At 12N - 1PM - Take a lunch break!

The First Thursday of each month.

Pre-talk conversation 11:30A-12N

The Good News: How the Energy Transition

Will Eventually Stop Climate Change

Prof. Gunnar Schade, TAMU Atmospheric Sciences

  • Climate Change is the ultimate test for humanity: Are we smart enough to prevent the collapse of our own society?

  • After two centuries of rapid technological process, and several decades of organized denial, we are faced with the necessity of a rapid conversion of our energy system to prevent the worst outcomes of a Global Warming of our own doing.

  • The good news is that we have all the tools to make it happen, we "only" need to overcome the cultural, social and political barriers we have built over time ...

  • Please note the day change to Wednesday due to Prof. Schade’s teaching schedule.

  • This will be an interactive presentation.

Upcoming Lunchtime Talks On The Environment:

  • Thursday, March 25th - Global “Weirding.”

  • Expected, But Not-So-Obvious Consequences of Climate Change.

  • By Professor Alan Pepper, TAMU Ecology and Evolution Biology,

  • Thursday, May 13, 2021 - What Is Wrong With The TX Electric Grid?

  • By Prof. Alfredo Garcia, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Join Zoom Meeting:

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