Join the Campaign to Reduce Climate Risks

Citizens Climate Lobby Asks You to Write Letters to Your Legislators

Tackling the emission problem will require a composite of complementary actions, including carbon pricing.

CCL is asking you to join a coalition of

Republican state legislators to co-sponsor


- Texas Environmental and Economic Stewardship Resolution.

The purpose of this resolution is to raise the level of constructive bipartisan conversation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while strengthening and diversifying our 21st century Texas economy. We can save money, improve our health, increase our happiness, build stronger bonds in our communities, create more jobs, and dramatically elevate our well being.


By: Anchia H.C.R. No. 22

WHEREAS, The goal of reducing greenhouse emissions in Texas

while expanding and diversifying the economy is supported by the

Lone Star State's longstanding tradition of stewardship,

technological innovation, and collaborative problem-solving; and

WHEREAS, The climate is changing, and extreme weather events,

rising average temperatures, wildfires, water scarcity, and

flooding are becoming common; and

WHEREAS, Texas leaders have outlined how this change is

causing problems for the health, personal property rights, economic

prosperity, and labor productivity of Texans while also increasing

state and national security risks; and

WHEREAS, The best available science indicates the importance

of a rapid transition to net zero annual greenhouse gas emissions in

the coming decades, and Texas ingenuity can provide the needed

leadership in that transition; and

WHEREAS, Texas already leads the nation in wind energy

production, an industry that has brought thousands of jobs and

billions of dollars to the state; and

WHEREAS, Any efforts to mitigate the risks of, prepare for,

or otherwise address a changing climate and its adverse effects

should strengthen the Texas economy and its global competitiveness;

now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the 87th Legislature of the State of Texas

hereby encourage individuals, corporations, and state agencies to

support the growth in technologies and services that will reduce

greenhouse gas emissions while enlarging and diversifying the Texas

economy in a way that is both energy efficient and cost-effective;

and, be it further

RESOLVED, That the 87th Texas Legislature encourage the

creation and support of economically viable private and public

solutions to the problems caused by a changing climate; and, be it


RESOLVED, That the 87th Texas Legislature recognize the need

to prioritize the use of sound science to address the causes of a

changing climate and to support innovation and environmental

stewardship in order to realize positive solutions; and, be it


RESOLVED, That the Texas secretary of state forward official

copies of this resolution to all the members of the Texas delegation

to Congress as an expression of support from the 87th Texas

Legislature for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Texas while

expanding and diversifying the economy.


Join the Campaign to reduce climate risks

2021 Q1 Email Campaign

1. Please email your state legislators (one State House Representative and one State Senator) to request them to co-sponsor and pass HCR22 - the Texas Environmental and Economic Stewardship Resolution in the 87th legislative session (2021).

Who is my my Texas State House Representative?

Who are my Texas State Senators?

To find out, use this website: .

2. Using their web email tool on their official websites, use the content template

below to compose your email.

3. When you receive a positive reply to your email, please reach out to us immediately at so that we can connect to plan our next steps.

4. If you don’t receive a reply within two weeks, please re-send a second time.

4. Note: Follow and share our project on social media.


Subject: Request Action for Reducing Climate Risks

To: <insert Representative/Senator name>

Thank you for your service to our community. As your constituent, I am writing today to request a call or meeting with you to discuss an important topic.

Taking greater and accelerating steps to reduce climate risks for our children, grandchildren, and future generations is especially important to me and to most Texans. See recent Yale Climate poll results -

Meaningful action on climate will save us money, improve our health, increase our happiness, build stronger bonds in our communities, create jobs, and dramatically elevate our well-being. Increased statewide and global transitions to clean energy have already provided Texas new economic opportunities. These will continue to scale up as the world takes the necessary steps to further transitions to low-carbon clean energy technologies and deployments.

I would like to request that you, together with colleagues from across the aisle, co-sponsor and pass HCR22 - the Texas Environmental and Economic Stewardship Resolution.

With this resolution, we are raising the level of constructive bipartisan discussion on purposeful climate solutions in Texas. This is an extremely important voting issue for me. A signed resolution from the Texas legislature will provide powerful support for our congressional delegation from Texas to accelerate bipartisan national climate solutions policies.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this time sensitive topic with you as soon as possible.

With Appreciation,

<name, address, phone>


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