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Jesse B. Coon Stewardship Award Origination

Jesse Coon was a beloved member of this church who passed away in 2005. He left behind a legacy that is evident every time we look out the windows at our beautiful grounds. He was a caretaker of this place and an inspiration to many through his example of commitment, enthusiasm, and energy. He was mentally and physically active until right before his death at the age of 95.

In honor of Jesse's contributions to this church, we started a new "tradition" last year of awarding the Jesse B. Coon Stewardship Award to a few members who have made exceptional contributions to our church. We are blessed to have many wonderful people among us who have given unselfishly of themselves over the years, and it is difficult to choose just a few.

Laura Lee wrote this for May 2008. Mary Ellen edited the second paragraph for May 2009.

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