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“It Takes a UU Village to Raise a UU Child”

We have had a great start for our March and April theme -

"Respect for Others’ Beliefs.”

This has been a great time to learn about other religions. Thanks to our many RE volunteers, and Chalice Lighters!

All Ages RE is for the young and old every Sunday, at 10AM. All Ages RE is set up to be child (and adult) friendly with “Wonder Questions.” This way, children (and adults) can feel comfortable asking questions and discussing different topics. RE is not for children only. Adults enjoy and learn much from All Ages RE.

Examples of Wonder Questions -

“I wonder who would do that?”

“I wonder what could happen next?”

“I wonder where the seed went?”

“ I wonder when the plastic will decay?”

“ I wonder why we should recycle?”

“I wonder if there is a God?”

“I wonder how plants grow?”

Brazos UU ADULT RE - Several people have asked for an adult version of the All Ages RE classes. So ... we hope to make this wish come true with adult religious education coming soon. Please complete the Doodle Poll you will soon receive to let us know the best time to have Brazos UU Adult RE.

Our "Respect for Others’ Beliefs” Schedule (past & future):

March 7 - Rev. Christian - Shinto, aka kami-no-michi, a religion originating in Japan.

March 14 - Ivy - Meet the Mormons.

March 21 - Darbi - Ostara and the Living Tradition of the Spring Equinox.

March 28 - Pam - Does Lent Always Mean No Chocolate?

April 4 - Rev. Christian - Recreating Our Pandemic World: Celebrating Easter This Year.

April 11- Dhrubaa Mukherjee - Hinduism: The Goddesses of India.

April 18 - Molly - Buddhism.

April 25 - Gaye - Our Favorite Things About Unitarian Universalism.

May 2 - Joe Daigle - Atheism/Agnosticism/Gnosticism - What Do These Words Mean?

May 9 - ? (The Islam Religion) (Judiasm)

If you or someone you know would like to present an RE class, please let us know.

Please note that the Sunday All Ages RE at 10 AM is not recorded in order to protect the privacy of our children and any discussions that may occur. We hope to record Adult RE in the future for people who are unable to attend so that they may watch at a different time.

See You At All Ages Religious Education, Every Sunday at 10:00 on Zoom!

Go to and click on the blue oval tab -


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