“It Takes a UU Village to Raise a UU”

Yes, it does.

All Ages RE is now taking the approach that -

"It Takes A UU Village to Raise a UU."

This means that to educate our UU babies, children, adolescents and teens, we need everyone’s participation. Until we hire an RE instructor, most likely when we return to meeting in person, the All Ages RE Committee will be seeking member volunteers to help educate our children.

For the month of February we will be visiting -

The 7th Principle of UU, "Respect for the interdependent web

of all existence of which we are a part,"

as it applies to one's community and environment.

In March and April, we will be focusing on

"Respect" for Others’ Beliefs

One thing we would like to do differently is to NOT SPEAK TO the children and ask them pointed questions but rather to make more of an effort to SPEAK WITH the children and encourage them to participate in the conversation. We will also focus on using

"Wonder Questions"

That is, instead of asking a particular child a specific question that needs a specific answer, we will focus on asking wonder questions such as "I wonder if I could make my own fertilizer?” ; "I wonder what would happen if no one recycled?"; "I wonder if there is a God?” “I wonder what will happen to people who do not believe in God”; “I wonder what makes a plant grow?”

More specifically,

1) I wonder if + SUBJECT / VERB

  • I wonder if it will rain tomorrow.

  • I wonder if the train is on time.

  • I wonder if Jack is coming to the party.

2) I wonder if + YOU CAN~ / IT’S POSSIBLE TO~

  • I wonder if you can tell me where the station is.

  • I wonder if it’s possible to send it by regular mail.

  • I wonder if we can meet on Thursday next week.

3) I wonder + WH QUESTION WORD

  • I wonder what that noise is

  • I wonder who opened the window

  • I wonder when the meeting will start.

  • I wonder where the post office is in this town.

  • I wonder why the boss is in a bad mood.

  • I wonder how I can get to Jack’s house.

  • I wonder how much / how many / how often~

We believe that by using wonder questions, children will not feel that they are being picked out of the crowd. Wonder questions will encourage children to at least wonder even if they do not answer the questions, and hopefully increase participation in the conversations. Molly Ward will be helping us out in these maneuvers.

In addition to these steps, we would like to have a child light and extinguish the chalice every Sunday to increase child participation in All Ages RE.

Here's our February 2021Schedule:

7th Principle,

"Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part,"

as it applies to one's community and environment.

2/7 Pam - "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle." What Does That Mean?

2/14. Teri - I Love Composting - Teri will teach you everything you need to know about composting so that you can do it yourself!

2/21. Molly - Wild at Heart - Molly will teach you the art of foraging and which wild plants are safe to eat.

2/28. Rev. Christian - Planting the Seed - Rev.Christian will discuss the miracles of plants agrowing. Bring your own seeds (marigolds, sun flower, etc) and a container with soil to plant your own seed.

For March we will discuss Respect as in respecting others’ beliefs and we are looking for volunteers to assist is presenting child-friendly lessons.

So, please be part of the

UU Village

and contact anyone on the RE Committee if you are interested in participating .

From the All Ages RE Committee - Rev. Christian, Molly Ward, Ivy Chatwin, Pam Johnson, Erin Wilkinson, Allison Faber