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It’s Time For In-Person Sunday Services


You have probably heard that we are starting In-Person Services this Sunday, November 7th. Please remember to set your clocks back an hour as Daylight Savings starts this Sunday.

  • Location: The Neal Recreation Center, 600 N Randolph Ave, Bryan

  • When: 10:30 AM every Sunday

  • How did this all come about?

It took a team effort. In mid-October, the Return to In-Person Services ad hoc team, Josh Wilkinson & Alice Scott, reported that with the rapid drop of COVID-19 cases in Brazos Valley and the availability of COVID-19 vaccines and boosters, it would now be appropriate to return to in-person services.

This information was relayed to Pastor Kiya who decided that it would be in the best interest of the church to start our long awaited in-person services on November 7, 2021. Then we all got to work. Josh, Allison, Dena, Alice, Pastor Kiya, and Pam had been looking for different places to hold worship. We had previously sought the BVAAM and the Hillel, but they were not available for our use. Then we looked at the Lincoln Center and the Neal Recreation Center. Once we toured the Neal Recreation Center and considered the rental fee of $20/hour, we knew this was the place to go. And the Board approved.

  • How will services be held?

We will be having hybrid services. That means that the live in-person service will also be filmed on ZOOM so those who are unable to attend may join in with us from their home. Just go to our interactive calendar for the link at Within a week, the service will be available on YouTube.

  • What about RE?

For Children’s RE, we are going back to the old way for now. Children will attend the beginning of the service with their parents. After the Time For All Ages, we will all sing the children out and Allison will hold Children’s RE outside in the wonderful covered playground or inside if the weather is poor. Any child who is unable to attend will be able to join in via Zoom. The link for this is (Meeting ID: 443 803 0471).

  • What about Music?

This is the great part. Pastor Kiya has been working with our many talented church members and they will perform LIVE MUSIC during the service.

  • What about Coffee Hour?

Olga Kuchment did such a great job organizing the Radical Hospitality Group last year and has committed to do it again this year! We will have coffee and snacks for after service. Also, we will break up into small groups to continue our discussions on different topics. If you would like to help with refreshments, please text Olga at 510-847-7204.

  • What Precautions do we need to take?

Because many of our children will not be vaccinated and many members in the older age group may not elicit as good an immune response as younger people, we ask that everyone please, WEAR MASKS inside. We also recommend that everyone receive the COVID-19 vaccine (and booster if applicable). These recommendations are for the safety of all who attend live services. Our online options will continue to be available if you prefer.

We hope to see you all in-person or via ZOOM on Sunday! YEH!

Pastor Kiya and Pam Johnson (prez) for the BOT

Photos courtesy of Pam Johnson.

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