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Human Trafficking: What Can You Do?!!!

I wanted to let you know that Katie Leach, Director of Unbound BCS ProgramUnbound Bryan College Station  contacted me recently to ask what our needs are as far as getting information about UnBound and how they could help us to better understand human trafficking.  She is offering 1-hour presentations that they could do on ZOOM for different factions of our congregation. As you know, we did have Dr. Shannon Deer and her associate speak with us in June during our Sunday service with a f/u question and answer. The options she gave are: 1. Youth Group presentation discussing internet safety, how to avoid being caught up in human trafficking/fraud, what is human trafficking, etc.  2. Adult Group presentation discussing human trafficking, what to look for, volunteer opportunities, etc. 3. Actually training to be a volunteer with UnBound and this would be very much more intensive.

Unbound Bryan College Station I think that the Youth Group presentation would be the most useful, followed by the Adult presentation if congregants show an interest after this Sunday's service. An youth group of 5-10 adolescents would be ideal for this program and I think it will be very instrumental in their lives. I think this is something we can work with Rev. Christian when he starts in July.  Hopefully, when Rev. Christian "arrives" he can give us guidance as to how to increase the number of children and youth in our congregation as well as guidance on increasing overall the church membership. It does not seem to me that we have done any significant work in this area in the past few years.   So, I would like to ask everyone to send me their thoughts.


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Unknown member
Jun 07, 2020

  I was hoping that we could gather a group of adolescents together this fall for age appropriate training on human trafficking since they are the most vulnerable. For instance, I heard a mother say it would be good for the middle schoolers to be warned about online piracy, stealing of personal identity, recruitment, etc.


Unknown member
Jun 05, 2020

Not to sidestep this important issue, Pam, but I'm hoping that we will spend a lot of Zoom time this year on forming a more cohesive church congregation--making strategic plans, having conversations, redefining our vision and mission. This takes time working together inwardly rather than outwardly and, perhaps, people won't have time to get involved in this human trafficking mission this year. Just my two cents.

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