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Hope's Locker Donation

Clean Out Your Closets by Sunday, August 11th!

Sunday, August 11th is donation day for Hope’s Locker, so don't forget to bring your donations. Leave them off in the Board Room at the back of the church. And if you have the time, join us at our MSJE meeting, after church in the Board Room at 12N. We have lots of new and interesting plans for the upcoming year to discuss.

Hope’s Locker is a clothing closet that supplies gently worn clothing, school supplies, backpacks, cleaning supplies, toiletries and nonperishable food for all BISD students and families suffering from homelessness. Hope’s Locker is in need of gently worn clothing donations of any size for adult males and females, but especially for children. Of the greatest need are clothing, underwear and socks for younger children. They often need to cloth young children arriving to school in dirty, tattered clothing.

If possible, bring clothing on hangers. For more information please contact Pam Johnson 832-641-9782 & the MSJE.

"The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children." - Dietriech Bonhoeffer, Theologian

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