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Hello UUCBV!

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Dear Congregants,

I am at The Point, formerly known as SWUUSI, as I write this column. This is an all ages summer camp for Unitarian Universalists. UU Summer Camps happen all over the country, and are a wonderful way to get to know more UUs in a deep way in a casual atmosphere. Katie Womack is here from UUCBV. I hope more of you will consider attending next year, and participating in other denominational activities.

I will be participating in a Courts and Ports clergy trip to the Border August 4-7, with other clergy from the Bryan/College Station group Faith Leaders for Social Justice. I’ll also be joining their Racial Justice group, and inviting UUCBV congregants to participate when we have this year’s agenda planned.

I do encourage you all to consider reading books over the summer about racial systemic bias and prejudice. I’m leaving some from my personal library on the small table in the office over the summer. Please just mark on the sign-out sheet which one you have. I also encourage you to do some research on micro-aggressions, so that we can practice radical hospitality to all our guests, and ourselves.

Minister’s hours - I am not holding coffee shop hours on Fridays in the summer. I will be on study leave much of August, and in the pulpit August 4 & 25. Outside my regular office times you can reach me for emergencies by email, text or phone call. My personal cell phone is the best way to reach me, and If you need me immediately, please call and text, 732-513-8867. Pastoral Care continues to be covered by Carolyn Clark, and Pastor Karl Tiewold is available for emergency ministerial pastoral care while I’m away.

Peace and Blessings,

Rev. Donna

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