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For RE this Sunday, January 24th at 10 AM, we have the honor of Rev. Okogyeamon joining us. The title for RE is: Okogyeamon: The Names that Have Empowered Me Okogyeamon held many different names throughout his life; as a child and youth in a predominantly poor, working class Latino-Black community in Southern California; as a Brother (monk) for 13 years after high school; as a teacher in the poorest of the poor in the village of Bandura-Hashnabad, Bangladesh for about six years; as a Universalist and Panentheist (Brahmanism); as a PhD; as the Pastor of First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ in Minnesota, and as Executive Director of the Antiracism Study Dialogue Circles, nonprofit, aka, ASDIC Metamorphosis. Which name was the most empowering?

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