GREEN TIP OF THE WEEK needs your help!

Updated: May 6, 2020

From the Ministry for Social Justice and the Environment (MSJE):

The E in MSJE is for Environment.

Please contribute to the Green Tips of the Week.  

My list is running out, so please, send in some new Green Tips of the Week for us to use to the UUCBV Ministry for Social Justice and the Earth:


If you have any problems, just contact me at

What effect have the Green Tips of the Week had on you?

I was thinking about this recently while I was working in the kitchen and noticed that I have made many changes.

I.   I use Bamboo TP and Bamboo Towels that I get from Who Gives A Crap, instead of paper products. As you know, there are lots of environmentally favorable reasons to use bamboo. 

 - Bamboo is the fastest growing species of plant on the planet with some species growing more than 3 feet per day. 

 - Bamboo reaches maturity in 3-5 years compared to trees that require decades. 

 - Bamboo thrives in depleted soil returning nutrients to the soil and grows on mountainsides and on steep slopes where few other cash crops can.

 - Bamboo is recyclable, lessoning our impact on the environment and reducing our reliance on trees.

 - Bamboo helps to reduce soil erosion with its roots branching out securing soil from erosion and retaining soil moisture. This also helps to prevent silt from choking rivers and stream and affecting aquatic life.

 - Bamboo provides jobs and economic development in economically depressed areas. 

II. I rarely use Paper/Bamboo towels to wipe up messes.  I have a stack of old cut up towels and cloths to do this. They are much more absorbent than Paper/Bamboo towels and I just pop them in the wash when done. 

III. Instead of using plastic and rubber sponges in the kitchen, I use 100% plant-based, natural cellulose, hand sewed sponges from HEB.  They are plastic, dye and toxic adhesive free. They last longer and feel better on the hand.

IV. I use reusable bags for buying groceries. I reuse mesh onion bags to buy my fruit and vegetables. This really cuts down on the plastic I use getting groceries. 

IV. Any plastic bags or plastic wrap I have, I reuse or recycle at HEB in their plastic recycle bin.

V. Instead of plastic cooking utensils, I'm using wooden ones. This way the pans don't get scratched.

So, without realizing it, the Green Tips of the Week have helped me change my old habits so that they are now more environmentally sustainable.

Have the Green Tips of the Week helped you?

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