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From the Minister by Rev. Christian Schmidt

This will be a holiday season unlike any other. It’s hard to say much for sure these days, with all the changes we have endured in the past year, and no doubt more to come, but I feel safe in saying that much.

And though I continue to learn more about the power of technology to connect us (I hope you made it to our joint service with our neighbor UUs of the Thoreau Woods congregation last month!), many of the differences in this holiday season will not be for the better. I’m not sure if it’s safe for my father to travel to see my family. Our Thanksgiving table was, and our Christmas table will be, smaller than usual this year (though with 6 in our family plus my in-laws, it won’t exactly be small!).

Holiday craft fairs and sales will be either canceled or very different. Holiday services for many religious traditions will be either virtual or in tightly-controlled in-person environments. Our own Christmas Eve celebrations for UUCBV will also be very different. I’m currently working with some other UU ministers to do something together, that we might combine our energies into a service that does more than any of our congregations could do alone.

Given all this change, I invite you to take time to give thanks, remember what you do have, and don’t be afraid to ask for help or (virtual) company if you need it. All of us, no matter how much we’re struggling, have things to be thankful for, and none of us need to pretend that we can do it all alone.

Whatever holidays (or none!) you’re celebrating in this season, may they bring you blessings and joy, and may the year 2021 bring wonderful new blessings in all our lives.

In faith,

Rev. Christian

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