Digital Sunday Morning Services!

Updated: Mar 31

In our time of complete online connectivity, our services are going fully digital! A "Generic Sunday Service Post" will be as follows:

Watch A Video Here:

Sunday Morning Digital Schedule 9:30 am – Online Gathering Begins 10:00 am – All Ages Religious Education 10:30 am – Sunday Morning Service ~11:00 am – RE and Service Video(s) available to rewatch on Facebook Page and Blog ~11:30 am – Online Coffee Hour - Zoom, Google, and Facebook Meetings Continue ~12:30 am – Online Virtual Meetings End Viewing Platforms You can view the All Ages Religious Education, Sunday Morning Service, and Online Coffee Hour using any of these platforms:

Note: Zoom and Google Meetings end when the last person leaves the meeting. Viewing and Discussion Following the Broadcast

View the video after it is compiled at either of two sites

24/7 Discussion continues on our Facebook Page and Facebook Group 24/7 Discussion continues on our Discussion Forum (

What's The Heck is Going On(line)?!?!?

We will have TWO online meetings open from approximately 9:30 am - 12:30pm Sunday Mornings for those who want to join our live virtual gathering for discussion, community, service, and virtual coffee hour after service! Our church Zoom and Google Meet account capabilities allow for us all to directly connect with our device's microphone, camera and keyboard for full video conferencing and online chat capabilities. A computer is recommended for maximum quality, but your tablets or phones are also capable of joining with great quality. Anyone who wants to dial-in from their phone/device can call a number provided to join the meeting as well! Sunday Morning we will also have a live video feed broadcasting from our Facebook Page of ALL AGES RE (Religious Education) at 10 am and Sunday Morning Service at 10:30 am. You do not need a Facebook account to view the public page's videos, but those with Facebook accounts can chat with each other during and after the live video! The video will remain online with all of our Facebook videos for anyone who wants to view the video later or have further discussion on our Facebook page or our Facebook group! Welcome to the Community HUB!

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The Rev. Christian Schmidt is our interim minister, and first became a Unitarian Universalist in this congregation where he was an active member from 2006-2009. He has since served congregations in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and California. His interests include his family (including four little boys he and his wife are raising), sports, and theology.

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