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Deep Ocean to Outer Space: Plastic Pollution Solutions

Deep Ocean to Outer Space: Plastic Pollution Solutions Are you concerned about the amount of plastic inside us, in our oceans, and in outer space? Join us for our December 4 webinar, where panelists will discuss:

The Impacts of and Potential Solutions to

Plastic Pollution in the Ocean,

as well as in Outer Space.

This special event is in partnership with the Conrad Foundation and the Conrad Challenge, which empowers students to change the world. The webinar will be moderated by Dianna Cohen, Co-Founder & CEO at Plastic Pollution Coalition, with these esteemed panelists:

Dr. Sylvia Earle, President & Chairman of Mission Blue and National Geographic Society Explorer in Residence, and

Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, Chair of Aerospace History at the Smithsonian Institution.

Date: Friday, December 4, 2020 Time: 5-6:30 p.m. CT Space is limited! Sign up below.


PANELISTS Dr. Sylvia Earle

Dr. Sylvia Earle is the President and Chairman of Mission Blue and a National Geographic Society Explorer in Residence. She is called “Her Deepness” by the New Yorker and the New York Times, “Living Legend” by the Library of Congress, and “First Hero for the Planet” by Time Magazine. She is an oceanographer, explorer, author and lecturer with a lifetime of experience as a field research scientist, government official, and director for corporate and non-profit organizations.

Dr. Kathryn Sullivan

Dr. Kathryn Sullivan has a long career as a distinguished scientist, astronaut and executive. She was one of the first six women to join the NASA astronaut corps in 1978 and holds the distinction of being the first American woman to walk in space. Her submersible dive to the Challenger Deep in June of 2020 made her the first person to both orbit the planet and reach its deepest point, as well as the first woman to dive to full ocean depth.


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