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Critical Race Theory (CRT): Reality or Myth

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

More and more headlines are saying things like -

  • CRT, Misconstrued to Divide

  • CRT: It's Role in our Culture Wars

  • CRT is Anti-American


  • What is CRT, anyway?

  • What does BLM really mean?

  • What is The 1619 Project? Is it that bad?

  • What does Institutional Racism Mean? Is it real?

  • Why do Black professionals not send their children to Bryan and, especially, College Station Public Schools?

To find out the answers, join us for a Panel Discussion, with plenty of time for Q&A

Critical Race Theory: Reality or Myth


Joe Feagin, Ella C. McFadden Distinguished Professor, TAMU Dept. of Sociology,

One of the first to write on CRT.

Troy D. Harding, Professor of Practice, Director, Race and Ethnic Studies Institute, TAMU Dept. of Sociology

Saturday, August 21st, 2021

3-5 PM

Registration is Required:

Go to:

Sponsored by The Confronting Our Racism Group (CORG), a Brazos Valley grassroots group

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