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Updated: Apr 7, 2020

There are so many activities, changes, opportunities, and “who knows what else” happening at the church, sometimes it is difficult for our members, friends, and visitors to know the “right” person to talk with or the process for sharing what’s on your mind. When you have questions, comments, feedback, ideas, or suggestions, do you know how to make them known? Do you wonder if your comments go into a “black hole” never to resurface again?

The Committee on Ministry (CoM)* is offering an additional conduit for you to ask your questions, provide your feedback, share your ideas, express your compliments, make suggestions, etc. honestly, directly, and respectfully in the spirit of our covenantal faith community. Visit with CoM members on Sunday mornings during coffee hour after worship. We will make sure you are heard and understood – and then we will make sure someone on staff or in leadership provides a response directly to you. Of course, you can speak with us at any time – but on Sunday mornings, we will make it easier for you! So, come chat with us!

This new conduit is only one of many within our congregation. When you know the appropriate staff person, board member, or committee/team leader to speak with, you are always welcome to communicate directly with them. But should you find yourself in the dark, the Committee on Ministry (CoM) is offering you this path for you to share your input.

Gaye Webb, Chair,

John Ivy, Member,

Joyce Langenegger, Member,

*The Committee on Ministry (COM) assesses and supports the institutional health and safety of the congregation (per UUCBV bylaws, Article XI, paragraph 1).

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