Communications Team by Deb Wilson

Updated: Apr 7

The Board of Trustees approved a new Communications Team. Leading the team is Deb Wilson with her able bodied assistants, Nancy Deer, Director of Communications for UUCBV and John Faber, Technical Support. The charge of the Communications Team is to monitor all social media outlets for UUCBV, which includes facebook, twitter, and instagram accounts. Other accounts may be added as needed. In addition, brochures or other promotional written materials should be routed through the Communications Team. The team has developed a Social Media Policy which provides guidelines for oversight of these outlets to ensure:

These persons shall have full authority to create, delete and maintain the content, provided that the content is maintained within the bounds of these Policies:

• Is consistent with the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism

• Postings avoid slander, libel, violations of copyright, profanity, off-color humor, and advocacy of political candidates

• Does not contain church financial information

• Does not reveal private personal information (phone number, address, email address)

• Does not advertise commercial businesses

• Presents information that is accurate and relevant

• When making announcements, concisely sets out the “Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, and How Much” of all items

• Is written in clear and grammatically correct prose

• Is updated on a timely basis

Congregants may view the entire policy through weekly eCast button or at


Mailing Address:

PO Box 12372 College Station, TX 77842


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Rev. Donna Renfro began serving UUCBV in September 2018, with an extensive background in directing religious education and a passion for equality, Rev. Donna is a calming and inspiring presence for people of all walks of life.


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