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Committee on Ministry Monthly Update

Happy Hour! CoM invites you to our monthly virtual Happy Hour! Beware, our second Thursday event is shifting to the First Thursday in May! Make plans to join us Thursday, May 6, 5:30–6:30 p.m. for informal conversation among members and friends and…help us build toward Bryan’s First Friday.

The CoM is for Everyone. The Committee on Ministry (CoM) is for everyone, and we are here to listen and to lend support. The CoM is designed to track the heartbeat of ministry within the congregation—how the members take care of themselves and each other, how the lay ministerial leadership serves the congregation, and how the minister serves the congregation. It is our intent to serve everyone in our UUCBV congregation and all aspects of our ministry.

The past 13 months of meeting virtually have made communication difficult. If you find that you have a concern and wish to discuss it with us, we are here to listen. If you wish to speak with a person who is familiar with the issue, we can help with that conversation. We advocate honest, direct, and respectful communications*, a style of communication that can let you live at peace with yourself and those in your life.

The Committee on Ministry is John Ivy, Joyce Langenegger, Molly Hagan-Ward, and the Rev. Christian Schmidt. To contact CoM, you can email any member individually or email

* Honest, Direct, Respectful. 2006. Dennis D. Adams, VMI Publishers

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