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This is part of a letter that Rev. Aaron Stockwell wrote to the Board of Trustees:

Rev. Christian Schmidt reminded me of a sermon he gave in seminary, where he talks

about the history of the fellowship movement and in particular about the history of our church obtaining the church buildings: 

Christian writes: "A few years later, [UUCBV] had an offer from a local Baptist church that was folding. If you can takeover the monthly mortgage payment, you can have the building, they were told. At the meeting, held in a member’s living room, they passed pieces of paper, and each person put the number they could afford to pay. The total wasn’t even close to enough, barely half what they needed. The group sat in silence, until one person spoke up. Perhaps,

she said, we should pass those papers around again. They did, and when the number was added a second time, it was enough. They bought a building."

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