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Change Happens by Pam Johnson

I don’t have to say it; it is quite obvious - Change Happens.

We have all experienced change, much more so lately. With Covid-19 social distancing we have been required to make changes in our daily activities to protect our health. The changes in our daily lives have affected each and every one of us.

Changes have happened at the UUCBV - We have a new transitional minister, religious services are on-line, committee meetings are online, the board meets online, we cannot see each other as we would like in person. But we will endure. Since our long-term Religious Education (RE) Director has left us, changes are sure to come to RE, especially with a new minister. However, RE is so important to our children and congregation that it should continue during this changeover.

During this transition period, I volunteered to lead RE until Rev. Christian has a chance to settle in and re-evaluate the situation. I would like RE to actively draw in more children, adolescents and parents so that they become fully involvement. I need your help.

What are your thoughts about RE? How should it be run? What type of person should run RE? Should we hire a full-time RE instructor? Should we have someone or several members of the church run it? I certainly cannot continue doing this for much longer than a month, so we need to move fast. We need your input. So, please let Rev. Christian know your thoughts.

Thank you to all the parents, children, adolescents and Joe Daigle who have been so helpful during this time of change.

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