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BOT representatives meet with SST representatives, architect, and contractor

Gaye Webb and Rev Christian representing the BOT (Pam Johnson was unable to attend due to family medical issues) and Kathy Wheeler and Ken Appelt representing the Sacred Space Team met (on ZOOM) April 27, 2021 with Brian Gibbs and Kenn Walsh.

Several target dates were established:

1) Friday April 30: plans (70+) pages are hopefully to be submitted to Bryan Planning & Zoning. We should expect a response in 2 weeks or so after submission.

2) Kenn Walsh is to send a sample construction contract to be submitted by us to our attorney to look at prior to all the data and pricing being present. Our attorney is to evaluate the safeguards needed to limit our liability without having a performance bond which costs 10% of the building process. The risks are minimized by requiring contractually to have monthly proof of payment of subcontractors & other bills.

3) Kenn Walsh is going to send a copy of his professional insurance policy that should minimize our need for additional insurance during the construction process. We will share this with our Church Mutual Insurance Company (& our attorney as needed) and evaluate our insurance needs based on what other insurance we might need.

4) Ken Appelt read through the 70+ page architectural plans. He & I stayed on-line with Brian Gibbs an additional hour as Ken & Brian tweaked the plans for the wiring, conduit, and Wi-Fi locations. Also discussed was contacting a security system installer about cameras and what wiring or Wi-Fi would need to be in place. Preplacement of needed wiring is relatively inexpensive during the early part of construction.

5) At this point a groundbreaking would be expected in early June. The target date of having a finished building is before Christmas.

I want to especially thank Ken Appelt for studying the plans ahead of this meeting. His expertise in sound systems, wiring, and construction have been invaluable.

Thanks, Gaye, for suggesting this meeting.

-Kathy Wheeler

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