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BoT New Year's Resolutions

I asked the Board what should be our New Year’s Resolution - or rather - what should be our goals for the next 6 months. Molly Ward will be taking over as President of the UUCBV Board on June 1, 2022 and I want to make sure we get everything we wanted to accomplish completed by then.

Here are the results.

I. Have a FUNdraiser that would be FUN - maybe a cook-off, auction, with crafts and face-painting for the kids ... Others agreed that we need to do something FUN! So, the Board will work on having a FUNdraiser that will be FUN, but we’ll need your help.

II. Focus on the filling the position of UUCBV permanent minister. This will take some planning and education. Molly Ward (president-elect) and I will be meeting with Natalie Briscoe, Lead of the Southern Region's Congregational Life staff team, to determine what steps the BOT and the congregation will need to take in order to make this happen.

III. Improve website presence and utility that will attract and keep people in our congregation. Beautiful as it is, many still feel that it is hard to find things on our present website. Pastor Kiya, Allison Faber, and John Faber are working on this as we speak. Perhaps, the BOT will form an ad hoc committee to provide feedback once changes are made.

IV. Develop a Legacy Giving Policy, which is much needed to sustain long-term financial stability for the UUCBV. The BOT will need to focus on the steps and leadership to bring this to fruition.

V. Complete everything we have started. We will look back at the goals we set in June 2021 and try to get them completed by May 31, 2022.

VI. Focus on preparing to move into the new church. The BOT will continue to monitor construction progress and work on setting up guidelines for the initial move.


That’s a lot for the BOT to do! One thing is for sure, this can’t be done without everyone’s help.

What is your UUCBV New Years Resolution?

I hope you will all resolve to become involved in one or more committees to help us complete these BOT goals for the UUCBV. We need your expertise.

Pam Johnson

President, 2021-2022 UUCBV BOT

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