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Board Report by Alice Scott

Football parking continues as our biggest fundraiser of the year thanks to Bobby Presley and his great volunteers! To date $5,744.00 has been raised. If you have not signed up to volunteer, please contact Nancy Deer or Bobby Presley.

The Worship Committee will be meeting with Pastor Kiya and shifting back to supporting the misister in planning and producing our worship services. We have experienced some great Sunday services.

The Board of Trustees discussed UUCBV fundraising guidelines for the different events that we will have planned for the future. Here's to some successful fundraising.

The Board voted on Sept 14th to change their management style to a Liason Board. All church committees take directions from the Board, a board member will act as liason to one or more committees. Initially the liason will work with the chair of the committee and the committee member to better develop the charge for the committee. The liason serves as a monitor and advocate for the committee's progress and reports on their needs, proposals, and status to the Board of Directors.

We are implementing an Ad Hoc Rental Policy Team with Rob McGeachin as chair. The team will be charged with handling rental opportunities that will come up in our new church building. The team is currently researching possibilities and guidance for this venture. The other members of this Ad Hoc team are Kathy Wheeler, Joe Daigle, Josh Wilkinson and Jerry Wagnon.

We have also put into place a Building Fund Campaign and Gift Giving Legacy Ad Hoc Committee. This committee will be lead by Nancy Granovsky and Kathy Wheeler. Please contact Kathy and Nancy for any further information.

Our Treasurer Gaye Webb closed the Suddenlink account and disconnected our prvious phone number. Our new phone number is (979) 661-6364. Other sites have been updated.

Maya Lazarus represented the UUCBV at the 20th Anniversary Interfaith Remembrance and Renewal Service, honoring the lives lost on 9/11/2001. She read an "Affirmation of Hope" by Loretta Williams. Well done, Maya.

Alice Scott, UUVBV Board Secretary

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