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Board President's Report 2022-2023

When I was told who my fellow Board Members were going to be this year, I was so grateful! This has been a very dedicated and consistent Board, guided and supported by a very talented Minister.

The Board of Trustees kicked off the year by retreating together this past summer, deepening bonds and assigning liaisons to the church’s various committees. It was our second year to operate as a liaison board. This system, of having Members of the Board act as a representative for each of the committees, so as to streamline communications and meetings, has been a good fit so far and should be helpful for growth.

Later in the summer the Board approved raises for the staff because of the health of our bank account and a desire to compensate our incredible staff as much as we possibly can!

It was the first year to operate as a Board guided by a Settled Minister in a very long time. Just amazing! One of the most important accomplishments of this year’s Board was supporting Reverend Kiya Heartwood as she continued guiding the congregation out of operating like a Fellowship and into operating like a church with a full-time, Settled Minister.

Another one of the main priorities was supporting the construction of the church. Huge shout out to Kathy Wheeler and Ken Appelt for having such full-time involvement and dedication. As a Board, we tried our best to be the “bad guys” concerning timelines in support of Kathy and Ken. We also tried not to overload the Board’s agenda with finalizing some church policies in the works, so our energy could be focused on finishing the building and then preparing to be in it.

Hey, we hooked everyone up with yummy potions to sip on at the Boo at the UU, that was fun! And just one small example of how Rev. Kiya thinks to weave it all together! May all future Boards be as blessed as this one to have such thoughtful, dedicated members. Thank you for allowing me to serve as its President.

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