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Board of Trustee Meeting Agenda April 14, 2020

UU Church of the Brazos Valley

6:00 Brown Bag and Setting Up on zoom

6:30 Call to Order

Opening Reading and Chalice Lighting – Rev. Renfro

Welcome to Visitors

6:45 Consideration of Consent Agenda:

Minister’s Report

Director of Religious Education Report

Artist-in-Residence Report

President’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

Communications Team Report

Taco Ted Talks Report

Membership Committee Report

Minutes of March BoT Meeting

Approval of Consent Agenda

Approval of the Agenda

6:50 Old Business

Sacred Space Team Report – Kathy Wheeler

Stewardship Drive Update

Interim Minister Search Team Update

Nominations Committee Update

Update on Church from Home, zoom® Meetings by Committees, etc.

Tabled Motions from March Meeting

· By-laws Tabled Motion

· COM Quarterly Town Hall Meetings Motion

· Heads-Up Meetings Motion

7:30 New Business

Digital Coordinator – from Accompanist Budget?

Opening up the June 1 Ministerial Fellowship Evaluation to Congregational Input

BoT MFC Evaluation Team

Plans for how to do the Annual Congregational Meeting

8:10 Board of Trustees Study and Discussion Time – Rev. Donna

8:30 Adjournment

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Unknown member
Apr 10, 2020

Just a reminder to please post the zoom link and password for all to attend.

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