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BIIN Cares

Many of you have already heard from our service on Sunday, about the call for help from the Brazos Interfaith Immigration Network (BIIN) for immigrants who are detrimentally affected by COVID-19. BIIN started a new, short-term emergency fund called BIIN Cares. This is an urgent calling to help families with a wage earner who has lost their job (or had their hours drastically reduced) due to COVID-19 and who DO NO qualify for federal assistance from the CARES Act due to their immigration status.

I am happy to announce that in keeping with the spirit of local sanctuary work, the MSJE will be contributing $1,250 from the Neighbors in Need Grant Money we received from the United Church of Christ. In addition, the UUCBV is seeking personal donations for the BIIN Cares Fund and several church members will match the first $1000 contributed by individuals. Sent your checks to the UUCBV with BIIN Cares Fund written in the memo. To hear more about our collection, go to and listen to the 04/19/2020 UUBVC online Earth Day Service.

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