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Beginning Another Year of Vital Ministry

What a delight it will be to reconnect with one another in our congregations this year; to meet new spiritual seekers, and welcome new families. In our congregations and communities, we freely choose to be together, virtually and in-person, in a variety of creative arrangements to meet the needs of this time. Our communities are a source of strength for the work ahead—the work of dismantling systems of oppression and building a world where all people can thrive. As this new congregational year begins, your UUA remains with you as always, offering inspiration, guidance, and programming to deepen our connections to one another and to our Unitarian Universalist faith tradition.

With you on the journey,


Rachel Walden supports UUA Communications as senior manager for digital & marketing strategy. When she's not brainstorming content with her colleagues, you'll likely find her outside.

In the final year of her six-year term as UUA President, the Rev. Dr. Susan Frederick-Gray shares her last Ingathering welcome message, for 2022. Please watch, download, and share this video in your congregation’s Ingathering worship service and help us share Rev. Frederick-Gray’s loving message of justice and inclusion.

UU the Vote is building momentum as it gathers Unitarian Universalists across the country to focus on state-level ballot measures with values-based electoral organizing that is prophetic, not partisan. Gather a group in your congregation to join the Power to the People Volunteer Activation Huddle on Sunday, August 28 at 4pm ET/1pm PT to take your place in this historic movement.

With a wide variety of offerings to help congregations welcome in-person visitors and share the life-saving message of Unitarian Universalism online, your inSpirit UU Book and Gift Shop is an essential resource at this time of year and beyond. Browse their colorful, relatable, and informative line of products specifically for congregations and get your members off to a great start in their search for truth and meaning.

To help meet the need to skill-up for effective video engagement online, the UUA has partnered with Peter Bowden, a Unitarian Universalist trainer and coach, to share a free, five-session training through the UU Institute. The training covers video-based strategies to support online visitors, increase engagement with worship themes, and amplify justice work.

Learn how to make our communities safer by participating in the 2022 UU Common Read: Defund Fear: Safety Without Policing, Prisons, and Punishment by Zach Norris. With an array of multimedia resources including a discussion guide and ideas for taking action, the UU Common Read offers community learning opportunities on some of the most impactful issues of our time.

Climate disasters impact our communities and Unitarian Universalists have been called upon to respond. Join a series of online workshops to help congregations identify climate risks, understand who is most at risk, and how your community will be impacted. Meet others doing similar work and help your congregation prepare to respond to climate disasters where you live.

ICYMI on UUA Facebook: We loved adding our own Unitarian Universalist take on the Mr. Men characters that have been all over social media this summer. Check out our more inclusive series of “Little Mx” graphics and share the one that fits best for you!

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