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ANNUAL REPORT from the Sacred Space Team to the Congregation

June 1, 2022 to Mar 31, 2023

The Sacred Space Team (SST) reports that the initial construction on our 2.826-acre lot at 1719 E 29th St. in Bryan, TX started in November of 2021. It has been 6 years since most of our former property on Wellborn Rd. was sold under eminent domain to the Texas Department of Transportation. The real estate left us by TxDOT has enabled us to raise thousands of dollars in Aggie football home-game parking donations that support our ministries. Thanks to Bobby Presley for all his hard work heading up this project!

During the past year we had several construction challenges to resolve.

  1. The original design called for a 2” vertical seam between panels of the metal roof. We were advised that we should change to a 1-1/2” vertical seam between metal roofing panels to avoid having to remove the whole roof in the event of hail damage to the roof or future solar panels. This change was made with the advice of our professionals who caught the potential future problem.

  2. On a very positive note: because of the generosity of our donors, we have been able to reverse cuts made during Value Engineering. We have gone back to our original plans for the RE rooms and the full bathroom off the Chapel. We now have the future playground funded.

  3. A miscommunication between professionals had the fire suppression sprinklers in the Sanctuary in an unaesthetic orientation that was distracting to the future sky light and the ceiling. Work is being done to alleviate this problem.

  4. We arranged storage for new Sanctuary chairs before the deadline of Dec. 31, 2022 to avoid high financial penalties from the manufacturer. Many church members and friends helped to unload the delivery truck.

  5. Lighting fixtures, after Value Engineering, were to be at our expense at $50,000. The vendor that made the original bid, however, had gone out of business. We worked out the details of a revised lighting package and, with Ken Appelt’s experienced eye, actually improved the stage lighting. The updated lighting package has been ordered.

  6. Charles Vernon, our site manager, let us know there was no gas main on 29th Street accessible to the property and that he was quoted $6,000 by Atmos to extend the gas main. He told us that two other businesses around us also wanted gas access, and perhaps we could share the cost. After he talked to the Atmos Energy they agreed to extend the gas main to all three properties at no charge. The gas main is now accessible on our property.

  7. The storage building is almost finished.

  8. The construction project has been approved by the City of Bryan to be divided into two parts: 1) the areas of the classrooms, offices, kitchen, and nearby restrooms, to be finished out first and separately inspected by the City of Bryan; and 2) the Multipurpose room and Sanctuary side of the building. This allows progress on part 1 and allows extra time for the changes to the fire suppression system which must be made in the Sanctuary and the Multipurpose room prior to the inspections and finish out.

  9. The skylight framing has been installed for a while, but the manufacturer sent incorrectly cut glass. The replacement glass has been installed on Mar. 28, 2023.

  10. Infrastructure has been put in place for future solar panels.

  11. Stage curtains, the movable wall between the Sanctuary and the Chapel, and acoustical curtains have been ordered with appropriate colors and fire retardancy.

  12. Insulation is in process of being applied as of Mar. 28, 2023.

“Walk the Property” continued in 2022 and 2023 to allow Church members and friends to safely see the construction progress first-hand and to ask questions of our professionals. Saturday “Walk the Property” events starting in June of 2022 were June 11, July 30, Sept. 24, and Nov. 12. “Walk the Property” events so far in 2023 were Jan. 21 and Mar. 25. Events were not scheduled monthly due to slow progress with our construction setbacks.

Although the SST joins the whole congregation in wishing the church building would be finished sooner, we believe the building completion date will occur during early to mid-summer.

FYI: Our Fidelity account is fully covered by insurance: the first $250,000 by SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation) and the balance (up to $1.9 million) by Lloyd’s of London.

Our professionals*:

Brian Gibbs, Architect, PACT Design

Paul Hawryluk, Construction Manager, Keys & Walsh

Charles Vernon, Project Supervisor, Keys & Walsh

Cole Kitchel, Assistant Project Supervisor, Keys & Walsh

*The correct time to address these Professionals is at our “Walk the Property” events. You are welcome to call or email Kathy Wheeler or Ken Appelt if you have questions or concerns about the property project in between these events. We will do our best to answer your questions or find the answers.

The Sacred Space Team

Kathy Wheeler, Chair, Owner’s agent

Ken Appelt, Alternate Owner’s agent

Eleanor Ford

Molly Hagan-Ward

Rev. Kiya Heartwood

John Ivy

Joyce Langenegger, Liaison to the Board of Trustees

Rob McGeachin

Jerry Wagnon

Gaye Webb

-Kathy Wheeler

-Ken Appelt

-John Ivy

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